LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (News release) – The utility company Little Rock Wastewater unveiled a new name and identity Thursday in a press conference.
Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority, formerly Little Rock Wastewater, received approval from its commission before the public announcement. The new name is accompanied by a new logo and tagline — “One Water. One Future.”
CEO Greg Ramon said the changes more clearly communicate what the utility is doing and its future direction. “We don’t waste water; we reclaim it, clean it and recycle it back into the Arkansas River,” said Ramon. “The treated water we release into the Arkansas River surpasses current water quality standards.” The name also more closely aligns with the organization’s name of the governing body, Little Rock Water Reclamation Commission.
The logo now reflects the foundational role Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority plays in advancing a healthy and thriving urban environment. It depicts the cycle of water once it is reclaimed, then treated and ultimately released into the environment, abandoning the implication that water is wasted. The water droplet in the center is symbolic of the finite amount of water available on earth (see diagram below).
This thought is also conveyed in the positioning statement, or tagline—that there is only one water. “One Water. One Future.” communicates that Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority is a responsible steward of one of our most precious resources and is committed to future sustainability.
“We’re excited about their new identity,” said Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola. “Through the reclamation process, yesterday’s water is today’s water and will be tomorrow’s water. This change better reflects their process and their role in preserving our most precious resource.”