LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Many in central Arkansas are still left in the dark on whether LITFest is still going to ignite this weekend or be extinguished.

Little Rock’s Vice Mayor is calling for an outside investigation into “LITfest”, A festival scheduled for this weekend, but no one seems to know if it’s still on after the city canceled its contract with the festival’s organizers.

“The fact the city manager canceled the contract based on non-performance of the contract terms I think, I don’t know if it’s an investigation by an outside agency, there’s a lot of things going on I think we need to let the evidence and facts guide us,” said Little Rock Vice Mayor Lance Hines.

The city still has no answers just 8 hours after the city said it would be terminating the contract effective immediately.

City Manager Bruce Moore notified LITFest’s organizer “Think Rubix” that no indirect or direct city funds are to be utilized for the festival.

Last week Working 4 You learned that the city attorney alleged numerous documents, requested under the state’s Freedom of Information Act regarding LITFest had been deleted from a city computer, something the mayor calls unsubstantiated allegations.

The Democrat-Gazette reported the mayor’s former chief of staff, Charles Blake, assisted in Think Rubix’s bid tied to LITFest, which contradicted the city’s initial statement saying Blake was not involved.

The city admits it failed to fully vet its statement prior to releasing it.

“I want to say I really appreciate Bruce Moore because he stepped up and he said enough is enough,” At-Large City Director Joan Adcock said. “We had lots of questions. The press was reporting different things.”

An interview has been requested with the mayor through his office, however, they say a statement would be issued soon.

Think Rubix has made no comment.