LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Most of those suffering in the heat can choose whether or not to go inside and relax in the cool air, but for athletes that isn’t the case.

Head trainer and owner of Elite Athletes of Arkansas, Jace Munds trains a variety of ages and has adjusted his workouts to beat the heat to put safety first.

For athletes training in temperatures that are and feel well over 100 degrees, it a challenge but has to be done, said Munds. 

“I tell all my guys that you aren’t going to come here and stay in the AC because you play outside. You have to play in the elements.”

Munds keeps his timer handy as he trains his athletes in brutal temperatures. 

For his youth groups, 4-5 minutes is the max time before taking them back inside to cool off. 

For older groups, 8-15 minutes is the most they’ll spend outside at a time.

Going back indoors doesn’t mean athletes but that doesn’t mean taking a rest.

“My job is to find that median between getting you acclimated to this heat and then bring you inside before it because a danger to your body.”

Munds says the number one thing athletes need to focus on is hydration and nutrition.

“Eat a big dinner, eat a big breakfast, eat a big lunch, eat enough because the sun and heat are going to take you out of it and it’s going to dehydrate you.”

Munds says, “if you’re really pushing yourself in this heat right now and don’t know what you’re doing, that can be a big problem.” Noting that “that’s how you end up in the ICU” and with “full-body cramps.”

He suggests eliminating sugary drinks and foods, fast foods and just sticking with the healthy basics like water to beat this heat.