Little Rock third graders write book reflecting on surviving COVID-19

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Not every third grader can say they’re a published author, but a handful of students at Christ the King Catholic School in Little Rock now can after writing a book reflecting on 3rd grade during a pandemic, and they’re pretty proud of it, too.

It’s called “We Survived,” a tribute to each other during one of the hardest years of their young lives.

Ms. Bearden’s class at Christ the King in Little Rock leaves this year with a souvenir, a book they wrote and illustrated all by themselves which tells the tale of pandemic learning.

“This school year was the worst school year in the history of school years,” said Cross, a student in the class.

“You might think that going to school during the Coronavirus wouldn’t be so bad…well, it’s bad,” said another student, Sydney.

A reflection on doing things differently.

“I bet we would have used at least 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer and 1,000 wipes,” said student Lila.

Things that they couldn’t do due to the pandemic.

“We couldn’t play with other classes, so we had to stay at a certain spot,” said student Lilly.

Things they missed, like hugs and high fives.

“I don’t like that because whenever another classmate does good on something, I want to high five them,” Sydney said.

And deep thoughts about those masks.

“The masks?,” Cross said. “I can’t get over that. It was hard to breathe and whisper to the other person without getting caught.”

The students said that it wasn’t all bad though.  

“The best part was probably that we had outdoor classroom,” student Andrew said.
Ms. Bearden says the pandemic revealed her students’ tender sides.

“We prayed every day for people affected by COVID and all the doctors and nurses,” said teacher Sabra Bearden. “So, their heart really shined through.”

And to the kids, two things are for sure.

“The world would be a better place if we never met COVID-19,” said student Benjamin.

“For the rest of my life, I will remember this school year and so will you,” Lila said.

Little authors, ready to turn the page on the year they “Survived.”

Ms. Bearden said the class was inspired to write their book after reading the “I Survived” series.

Those books tell scary and thrilling stories from history through the eyes of children who lived through them.

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