LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—A man is sharing his story for the first time after a Little Rock Police officer struck him with his patrol car back in May.

According to LRPD, the incident happened May 22, at the intersection of 12th Street and Peyton.

In the body camera video we obtained, LRPD Officer Reshaud Williams, can be seen with his hand on his car’s computer just before the crash.

“I remember seeing him about to hit me, and then he hit me,” Tony Harrison, said.

Harrison says he was crossing the street a few weeks ago to get groceries when it happened.

“He should have been paying attention to driving and wouldn’t have hit me,” Harrison said. “I couldn’t run because I was already out in the street and he just turned the corner and run over me.”

Harrison said he has been in and out of the hospital for the last few weeks with injuries. He said his ribs are bruised, elbow is fractured, and has trouble walking.

“I could have lost my life,” recalled Harrison.

Little Rock Police declined an interview about the incident.

However, they tell us Officer Williams continues to patrol the streets of the Capital City. A department spokesperson says Williams’s supervisor is reviewing the accident.

As for Harrison, he said he has hired an attorney has he deals with medical bills moving forward.