LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas State Fair is gearing up to open Friday, and something they have done this year is amped up security by bringing in a new system to make sure families can come and focus on fun.

The fair is a place to get your corndog, fried Oreo, and win all the stuffed animals your heart desires.

This year, the fair is taking extra precautions to keep it a safe, family-friendly environment.

“In the last couple of years, we have had some kids that would try to cause trouble and up to no good and it just kind of ruins the experience for families, and we want to keep that out,” the Director of Sales and Promotions for the Arkansas State Fair, Will Hornburg said.

To do that, Little Rock Police have brought in a security company, called ReadyOp, to help streamline communication and help solve any issues quickly.

“We help streamline communications, able to build out customized work charts, send out text messages, emails, alerts,” Eastern Region Director for ReadyOp, Davis Moore said.

Davis Moore said many other state fairs use this system across the country, and they have seen incredible results.

“Through those missing persons reports, a child went missing, and then we contacted one of the officers in the field who filled out that report,” Moore said. “Command staff instantly got notified, they were able to turn that around and send it to 100 officers, and the child was found within 3 minutes.”

Moore said the system will help with missing persons, any crime or just a way to amplify situational awareness at large events.

“Rest assured that behind the scenes, a lot of good is happening,” Moore stated.

This is all on top of the security measures the fair is already taking.

“A lot of people come during the day, but we want them to also enjoy the nice lights at night,” Hornburg said.

There is a new security measure the fair is taking this year, such as only allowing people to bring in clear purses.

If you would like more information about what you can or cannot bring in, you can visit