LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The City of Little Rock is offering relocation help to tenants of a troubled apartment complex.

A city spokesman announced Wednesday that after an inspection of Big Country Chateau by its Department of Housing and Neighborhood Programs on Tuesday, relocation assistance was being offered.

The inspection reported finding 81 tenants in the apartment complex. A spokesperson said it would soon be contacting tenants of the Colonel Glenn Road apartments to coordinate assistance.

Big Country Chateau has been in the news multiple times in the past six months as tenants received water and electricity shut-off notices despite utilities being part of their rental agreements. Additional issues were city inspectors finding multiple deficiencies and a shooting death that took place at the complex in December.

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin began legal proceedings against the complex owners this month after the most recent spate of shut-off notices. Griffin’s office is asking the court to appoint a receiver for the apartment complex.

Tenants hand-delivered a letter to Little Rock City Hall in late January, asking for relocation assistance and for the city to intervene to prevent utilities from being shut off before they could move out.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said the city would work with the various groups to reconcile the situation that he labeled an “emergency.“

“Ensuring safe, healthy and habitable housing for all residents is a priority for the City of Little Rock,” the mayor said. “We will continue to work with the City Attorney, Department of Housing and Neighborhood Programs, other city staff, the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office and community partners to address the emergency situation at Big Country Chateau.”