LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. released a statement Friday afternoon after a city employee was shot earlier this morning near South Elm Street.

Scott started off by stating that the City of Little Rock is shocked and saddened to learn about the shooting. Officials with the Little Rock Police Department confirmed that the victim worked with the department of housing and neighborhood programs.

Scott stated that the victim and another employee were in a city pickup truck when the vehicle was struck by gunfire.

He expressed his frustration with the gun violence Little Rock has seen so far this year.

“It’s impossible for me to adequately express my frustration and anger at this senseless gun violence in which a city employee was seriously hurt,” Scott stated. “This public servant is a member of a team assigned to special projects intended to improve the quality of life throughout Little Rock. He was doing nothing more than his job this morning when he became a victim of a gun crime.”

Scott added that the many people in the city turn to violence when they are met with a problem. He encouraged the city to come together to help fight gun violence in the capital city.

Scott also stated that he is praying for a swift and full recovery for the city’s employee. He ended his statement by adding that Little Rock police are working to identify those responsible for the shooting.