LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A so-called community watchdog is accusing Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. of hiding what he claims is a suspected DWI arrest.

The man did so during the public comment section of the Little Rock Board of Directors meeting.

KARK 4 News cannot confirm whether the records citizen Jimmie Cavin referenced are authentic, but they show supposed evidence of an alleged Arkansas State Police Traffic stop back in 2016 for suspected driving while intoxicated with Frank D. Scott’s name, birth date, and other details within it. The InToxNet MIS report that Cavin referenced also claims a breathalyzer test was refused.

The image below is a copy of the report that Cavin showed at the meeting. KARK 4 News has not been able to verify the authenticity of the report.

This image is a copy of the report that Cavin showed at the meeting. KARK 4 News has not been able to verify the authenticity of the report.

After presenting his findings to the board, Cavin said, “If Frank Scott was here tonight, I would ask him to finally come clean with the people and admit that he’s got a conviction and tell the people what that is.”

KARK 4 News reached out to Arkansas State Police to see if there was any traffic stop involving Frank Scott Jr. We were told there were none. That could mean there are none or the court documents are sealed, and Arkansas State Police cannot legally confirm a sealed court document.

Although the mayor was not at the Tuesday night meeting, the Communications Director for the mayor’s office, Aaron Sadler, was.

KARK 4 News asked him about the citizen’s allegations against the mayor, and he responded with a statement saying in part, “To be clear, the mayor has never been convicted of anything.”

To ensure that included Scott’s time before he was elected mayor, KARK 4 News asked the question again to which Sadler said, “He has never been convicted of anything.”

Sadler also added the mayor was not at the meeting Tuesday night because he was attending the Clinton Global Initiative based in New York.

A spokesperson for Scott’s re-election campaign shared a statement on the accusations, restating that Scott “has never been convicted of anything.”

We’re not surprised at the dirty politics and outsiders that Steve Landers is using to attack and try and undermine Mayor Scott. It’s how he’s run his business. To be clear, Frank Scott, Jr. has never been convicted of anything. This is an attempt by a man who leaves guns in public bathrooms and takes credit for others’ work to take our city backwards. Mayor Scott is working for a safer, more prosperous future for Little Rock and will keep fighting to ensure everyone has an opportunity to reach their full potential. That’s growing forward.

Frank Scott Jr. campaign statement

While the mayor was not at Tuesday’s meeting, Steve Landers, one of Scott’s opponents in the November mayoral race, was. An advisor for the Landers campaign said his candidate only heard the accusations at the same time as the others in the meeting.

During the public comment period at the Little Rock City Board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20, accusations were made against Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. Those accusations had to do with Mayor Scott’s personal behavior. Mr. Landers was at the Board meeting and heard the same accusations the public and the news media heard.

Mr. Landers has no comment, other than to say that he and his campaign do not deal in rumor nor innuendo and is not aware of any public record regarding Mayor Scott, other than the public record of his current tenure as Mayor of Little Rock.

Chase Dugger, Landers for Mayor Campaign Advisor