LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Little Rock man is reliving the moments he was tased in the eye by a Little Rock police officer.

“It’s beyond excessive, it didn’t need to be this,” Adrian Thompson, who was hit in the eye with a taser, said. 

This one encounter with police has changed his life forever, he said he no longer has a left eye.

“I didn’t deserve it, I didn’t deserve for my eye to be gone because of a fight,” Thompson said.

34-year-old Thompson is left with one eye and a heavy heart.  

“They told me I was lucky to be alive, that I was lucky to have my other eye because of the amount of voltage it was,” Thompson said.

A Little Rock Police officer shot Thompson with a taser last week. He said he was in a fight at a gas station on Baseline Road in Little Rock when it all happened.

“I stopped and looked to see what he was saying,” Thompson said.

Thompson said as he turned around to see who was talking, boom — he was blinded by the taser.

“I saw the light pop,” Thompson said. 

According to the police report — police told two men to stop fighting, police said one of the men stopped and put his hands up and said a Thompson kept punching the other man. The report goes on to say police said “taser, taser, taser,” and the officer said he tased Thompson in the left shoulder and the left eye.

Now Thompson is facing domestic battery and resisting arrest charges but Thompson said the police report is wrong.

“I definitely want them to look into it because I didn’t resist arrest,” Thompson said.

As Thompson tries to move forward he said his sense of security around LRPD is gone.

“Now I’m afraid of them, and I’ve never been afraid of the police,” Thompson said. 

We reached out to LRPD, they declined to comment and said “The use of force will be evaluated through the officers chain of command like all use of force incidents.” Thompson said that surveillance video would back up his story and that he will take legal action.