LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Mayor Frank Scott Jr. and Little Rock city leaders are launching a new program to help slow crime in the capital city.

It’s called the Public Safety Commission and it will be a board made up of city leaders and community members who are working on solutions for violent crime.

Christopher Harvey is the senior advisor to the mayor. He explained that plans for the commission started shortly after the installment of the Hope Advisory Board, which was also working to slow crime in Little Rock.

“Everyone deserves a right to feel safe no matter where they stay in the city,” Harvey said.

Harvey said the plan is to get the mayor, city attorney, police, and one person from each ward to sit down and discuss what is going on in the city. He said it’s a great way to open communication between the community and city leaders to find a real solution.

“What better way to bring them in and have solutions from the people that are living through these issues each and every day,” Harvey said.

Yolanda Harrison lost her son to gun violence in 2018. Ever since she has dedicated her life to ensure no other mother endures the same pain.

Harrison said last year was tough in Little Rock, as the city recorded its highest number of homicides.

“I had to relive my nightmare over with each homicide,” Harrison said.

Right now, homicides are on the decline in Little Rock. This year the city has reported 43 compared to 64 last October.

Harrison said work still must be done but she is hopeful that a brighter future is just around the corner.

“It motivates us citizens to say ‘Hey, we’re here’ if you guys are willing to put this effort into trying to make our city better, we will do our part,” Harrison said.

Harvey said the city will have at least seven positions open on the board for people from the community. Anyone is open to apply and can do so at the city clerk’s office.

City officials said applications will be out in the next few months.