LITTLE ROCK, Ark – A Little Rock couple finds themselves in the middle of a roofing repair project for the second time this year.

Terri and Kristin Stroh’s home in west Little Rock was one of many hit by the March 31 tornado.

This week, they begin the rebuilding process on a home they had just completed.

“We [had just] put a brand-new roof on this house,” owner of Riley Hays roofing Riley Hays said.

In March, Hays’ crew was repairing the roof that was leaking and had previous hail damage. He said they finished work on March 30, just one day before the tornado hit Little Rock.

On that Friday, the Stroh’s watched as the storm clouds rolled in.

“Literally the weather watcher showed the tornado coming toward us and then everything just went dark,” Kristin Stroh said.

The two huddled in a room with their three dogs, waiting for the storm to pass.

“[You hear] thuds and thuds and feeling like you’re being sucked up and thrown down,” Terri Stroh said.

“I just remember holding them with all my strength,” Kristin Stroh said.

Soon the dust settled but when Terri and Kristin came out of their safe room, they found sunlight peeking through the roof once again.

“I felt so alone,” Kristin Stroh said.

Within hours, the same crew that was there just days prior was back, patching up the holes left behind.

“They were there for us. I couldn’t believe it,” Kristin Stroh said.

Work begins again, but the homeowners said they remain thankful knowing things could have been different had the original repairs never been made.

“I really don’t want to think about what might have happened, I feel so fortunate that we walked out of here with just a couple of scratches,” Kristin Stroh said.