LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Eighty-three calls in one month for grass and wood fires in Little Rock.

No property damage with these, but the Little Rock Fire Department said that many calls for this time of year is a little unusual.

“We’ve been staying pretty busy,” Public Information Officer for the Little Rock Fire Department, Captain Jason Weaver said.

During the month of September, the Little Rock Fire Department was called 83 times to a grass or wood fire.

“A lot of calls, we have had a lot of small fires next to the interstate and behind residents and stuff. the largest has been a little over an acre and a half,” Captain Weaver said.

Monday, one of those calls was a woods fire out behind a residence off Valley Court. Weather in Arkansas recently has made conditions perfect for the spark due to the extreme drought.

“I’m sure that comes to no surprise as we have been pretty dry for much of August and September. So far, in September, in Little Rock, we haven’t even gotten half an inch of rainfall in total for the entire month,” Arkansas Storm Team Meteorologist, Julianna Cullen said.

“We only saw 4 days in the entire month of September of measurable rainfall here in Little Rock, so we need some rain. It’s a stark difference from what we have experienced earlier in the year,” Arkansas Storm Team Meteorologist, Carmen Rose said.

The fire department said that it isn’t just the weather that is a factor, and some areas they have had to go to multiple times.

“We have a homeless population that they cook and keep themselves warm at night, so we have issues with that,” Captain Weaver said.

The fire department encourages everyone to just be careful until it cools down and we get some rain.