LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Little Rock Fire Department is asking the city for more than $150,000 for new uniforms to keep firefighters in service, and to better protect them from harmful carcinogens.

As firefighters put on their boots, buckle their pants, and zip up their jackets to go on a call, they are also putting on what keeps them safe while they help people in the city.

LRFD public information officer Jason Weaver explained that it has become common practice for firefighters to have two sets of turnouts.

While veteran firefighters collect their uniforms over time, rookies like Anthony Delgado, who’s only been on the job for four months, only have one.

The department is asking the city board to give more than $150,000 to purchase new turnouts for the rookies, so they never miss a call.

Captain Weaver said it’s also making sure his crew has more protection.

“They found the sooner they can get those turnouts decontaminated, the more it reduces the chances of developing cancer,” Weaver said.

Captain Weaver said an extra set also means they can get longer wear out of the first set. Delgado said he hopes to have his next pair of turnouts soon.

“I’m really excited to get the second set, that way I can throw these in the wash, put my dry set on and then ready to go,” Delgado said.

The money will be able to purchase around 50 new turnout sets. The city board will vote on this resolution next week at their Tuesday meeting.