LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – After two years, a Little Rock family is still asking for the community’s help after their loved one was killed after being involved in a hit and run.

The crash happened along Chicot Road, near Azalea Drive on March 25, 2021 and was reported at 10:16 P.M. 

The family of 50-year-old Marlon James said they filed a missing person’s report at the time, only to find out he had been involved in a hit and run in May.

The family said it took that long to find out he was involved in the crash because he didn’t have identification on him at the time. 

James’ brother Tramil James said he misses his brother and still feels the same devastation and hurt he did back then. 

“Imagine just, you know, you’re filing a missing report praying that he makes it back safe and sound and the whole time he is dead, that hurts,” James said. 

The Little Rock Police Department said James was hit twice, first by a car that left the scene and then by another car driving along Chicot Road, which ultimately led to his death. 

In the police report, the second driver said they thought they hit something and called police. 

The victim’s brother James hopes someone will come forward with information on who hit his brother first. 

“The driver hasn’t been found, there has been no arrest or nothing and the way I feel right now at night, I can’t sleep,” James said.

James hopes that by spreading Marlon’s name in the community, it will help answer some of his prayers.

“I’m going to have to speak out more, maybe hold prayer vigils and do anything for my brother to make sure justice is served,” James said.

James believes someone knows something that could offer him closure. 

“I’m hoping and praying justice will be served,” James stated.

LRPD said as of right now there are no leads as to who the first driver is and there weren’t camera in the area of the crash.

They said the investigation is ongoing and urge community members to contact them if they have any information.