LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A mother and her children were left traumatized after bullets pierced through their Little Rock home on Saturday night.

Though no one was hurt, Erika Brown-Killian said it left her family with traumatizing memories.

“I was working making baskets for Christmas and went to go take a seat and next thing you know gunshots just rang out,” she said.

Brown-Killian said the bullets came in through the window and ricocheted throughout the house, leaving several holes in the walls.

“It really felt like a warzone,” she said.

Brown-Killian said she quickly crawled back to her kids’ rooms to cover them with a mattress and shield them herself.

Thankfully, everyone was okay, but she quickly realized how much more serious it could have been for her family.

“Once the shooting had died down, I heard police sirens, so I went outside,” she said. “When I ran outside that is when I saw a body lying on the ground.”

According to Little Rock Police, the man she is referring to is still alive for now, but badly injured.

Brown-Killian said she has had to put her kids in therapy, hoping the night does not traumatize them forever.

“Here it is, they are in their home and their mother screams out like… that it is something they will never forget,” she said.

Brown-Killian shared her story hoping it will encourage others to also share their stories of how they have been impacted by gun violence.

Brown-Killian’s own mom was murdered in 1989, and her three brothers have been murdered since that point.

She said families need each other and cannot afford to lose their loved ones to senseless crimes like these.

“I mean my son literally asked me, ‘Mommy, are you going to die?’,” Brown-Killian said.

LRPD has still have not identified a suspect in this shooting and is asking anyone with information to call them at (501) 371-4605.