LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A woman in the middle of selling her high rise condo in downtown Little Rock was shocked when she saw her real estate listing on Craigslist–advertising her condo for rent. 

The scammer pretends to be the owner, supplying an application over email asking for private information. 

Several stories up, and over the flowers, there’s a fake story brewing online. 

“I was wondering how this happened,” says Jamie Barron. “I was thinking what if somebody just knocked on the door.”

Jamie Barron’s downtown Little Rock condo is officially for sale, unofficially, someone else has it listed for rent. 

“You just realize how vulnerable you are. I’m just trying to sell my house,” says Jamie Barron. 

The scammer, pretending to be the owner of her condo, sends a fake driver’s license, which Jamie has learned is stolen. 

You also receive a rental application–which asks for everything– from your name, date of birth to bank checking and routing numbers. 

“Who knows how many people he’s talking to,” says Jamie Barron. 

When you call the number attached to the email this man answers. 

“This almost sounds too good to be true because I have the owner of the condo right here wtih me,” says reporter Mitch McCoy.

It’s not long…

“Hello… I am the owner,” says Jamie Barron. 

Before he hangs up. 

Home sweet home may be ground zero for a scammer today. 

“It’s very frightening,” says Jamie Barron. 

But Jamie hopes to paint a new picture for people scrolling the web. 

“I felt like  — this was violation,” says Jamie Barron. 

The ad was reported to Craigslist but at last check it’s still up. 

The website posts various tips online that may tip you off to a fake ad, which includes dealing with people face to face. 

Do not extend payments to anyone you have not met in person. 

And refuse background and credit checks until you have met the landlord in person.