LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock’s Vice Mayor looking to bring more transparency to city contracts up to $50,000 following controversies stemming from a canceled music festival this year. 

Lance Hines said Tuesday afternoon about the Mayor’s motto of being accountable, clear, and transparent, and that is what he wants to do with this ordinance. 

He said this ordinance will simply refine how the board approves contracts between $5,000 and $50,000.

Hines said the board was not involved with contracts like Litfest, and so he wanted change.

Although, other board members like Ken Richardson felt otherwise. 

“We have been circumvented in that regard and you know if you look at contracts that we looked at that we felt like we had been circumvented, total about a quarter of a million dollars over the last 4 years and we just feel that we needed input,” said Vice Mayor, Lance Hines. 

“I know in matters of information requests in the past, based on this process that I responded too. We haven’t had any type of change in respect to the clarity of this process. So, I will choose to vote unequivocally, no,” said city board member, Ken Richardson. 

Hines said the word transparent is crucial especially after the contract for Litfest, which was just under the $50,000 mark.

The vote Hines said would initially put this on the agenda for the  Dec. 20 if it did not get the supermajority vote.

Since the vote got the supermajority win, it was approved to be put in the agenda and was voted later on in the meeting to approve it. 

It passed eight to two, meaning it is effective immediately