LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Air conditioning units in houses and apartments are giving out as temperatures near the triple digits in Arkansas, creating more work for repair companies.

Cracker Jack Air Pro owner Shane Coats says he’s been working around the clock to make the necessary fixes.

“As soon as the temperatures hit 90 degrees outside, our phones start ringing off the hook,” said Coats.

Our crews rode with Coats on his first of eight calls Tuesday morning.

“Everybody’s units broke down,” said Coats.

Coats says A/C units are working overtime during this heat. If they are older units or go unmaintained, he says its likely they will break.

“It’s just like we struggle in the heat, these units are struggling in the heat as well,” said Coats.

Jessica and Leonard Hansberry had their A/C go out in their new house last week, keeping cool the last few days using fans.

“I was in the closet unpacking and I was like wow it’s really hot in here,” said Jessica Hansberry.

Hansberry says she didn’t think much of it until her husband pointed out a blank thermostat.

“My husband was like ‘baby the thermostat is not working,” said Hansberry.

Leonard Hansberry says he called two companies before scheduling a repair for a week out.

Most other companies say they are having similar wait times. Coats says his crew is booked through Friday, working as fast as they can to meet everyone’s needs.

“Every time a slot comes open or we get to finish with a job earlier, we call someone from the next day and move them into that slot,” said Coats.

Coats says many days, he’s working 10 to 12-hour shifts just to get all the work done.

He says it’s just part of the job and people depend on his services.

“A lot of people either have children or elderly people at home and we don’t want them struggling in this heat,” said Coats.

To avoid the A/C breaking, Coats says it’s a good idea to keep up with maintenance, getting your unit serviced every year and changing out filters once a month.

Coats also encourages customers to keep their thermostat at 75 degrees during the hottest part of the day.