LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- More than 100,000 meals have been packed and sent out to families in need in Pulaski County.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, volunteers have been working daily at the Clinton Presidential Library making sure no one goes hungry in Little Rock.

“This pandemic has really impacted the community,” said Ben Thielemier from Communications and External Affairs for Clinton Foundation.​

Since COVID-19 hit Pulaski County, it transformed the Clinton Presidential Library into a food bank for the community.​

“There’s a significant need in this community for food,” said Thielemier.​

Ben Thielemier with the Clinton Foundation said this operation took off running on day one and 70 volunteers a day keep it going.​

“We’re packaging about 7,200 meals a day. We’ve got 175,000 meals so far in the last six weeks have gone out,” said Thielemier.​

“We’re feeding basically Pulaski County,” said Karen Sykes the Volunteer Programs Coordinator.​

Karen Sykes is the Volunteer Coordinator and she said all the meals are packaged into individual containers then put into a large bin and loaded onto trucks before making their final stop to feed families.​

“We’re going out to various sites around the county and setting up a food distribution site right there like a food truck,” said Sykes.​

Meals are delivered to various locations around the county.​

Lunch and breakfast are available to students 18 and under.​

While dinner is available for anyone in need.​

“It sucks that we’re in this place that we are but it’s a beautiful thing to see so many incredible volunteers, staff members from the Clinton Foundation, the City of Little Rock, and other organizations in the community coming together to make this a reality,” said Thielemier.​

To see a map of where you can pick up meals or to volunteer, click here.​