JACKSONVILLE, Ark — A school employee is in question as two parents are outraged and are demanding action after they say an employee allegedly used a racial slur at Jacksonville Elementary School last week. 

Jacksonville North Pulaski School District declined an interview but did release a statement:

“The JNPSD Administration team has been made aware of an alleged verbal incident that took place last week at Jacksonville Elementary School.

The employee in question has been placed on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation.

The well being of our scholars and staff is of utmost concern and priority,” said JNPSD.  

Desiree Miles – Lewis is the mother of 9-year-old Alisha Lee who attends J.E.S, Miles-Lewis says her daughter told her last week about comments her teacher allegedly used and they found it disturbing. 

“She told me her teacher called them the n-word. I was so hurt and upset,” said Miles-Lewis.  

Lee says she was with her classmates around recess time when the incident occurred. 

“I didn’t really know what that word meant,” said Lee. 

Miles-Lewis says it broke her heart to explain the history of the word and what it meant. 

“I let her know it’s not okay for anyone to call her that,” said Miles-Lewis.

Now Miles-Lewis is demanding the teacher be fired for allegedly using the racial slur. 

“I want her license revoked, she does not need to work in any other school district ever again,” said Miles Lewis. 

She also says she wants answers from the employee. 

“I want to know what was your process, what was your point, what made you even think of that,” said Miles Lewis

She adds that she is not comfortable sending her daughter back to school in the meantime. 

“She can’t even go to school and get her education without someone calling her out of her name,” said Miles-Lewis. 

Another parent we spoke to also said she would like the teacher to be fired as her child was also affected by what was allegedly said. 

We will be following the story and further updates from JNPSD.