‘It’s nothing but water’, Pendleton braces as river crests

Local News

DESHA COUNTY, Ark. — The last community along the Arkansas River before it turns into the Mississippi braces for historic flooding with the river cresting Friday. 

Almost every home in the small town of Pendleton was left submerged, leaving homeowners anxious to see how bad the damage will be.

 “It’s nothing but water,” said Betty Timmons, fighting back a tear. She came back to town hoping to snap pictures of her house for flood insurance. 

The grandmother of six says she heard boats would be available to start assessing the damage but found no one helping with that. Instead, she searched along the nearby levee, but was unable to catch a glimpse of her home. 

“Hard to look at, cause I know that my house is even worse than these up here,” Timmons said. “My house is back farther. The water is deeper down there so I know its got at least 5 or 6 feet in it.”

Nearly everyone in the small town with a population less than 200, had to evacuate according to Desha County Judge Richard Trindall.

“I don’t understand God’s reasoning but I know he has a reason,” Timmons added. “They weren’t expecting this much when we were first told. They said just raise the furniture up just 3 feet up. So I did, but it wasn’t enough now. It has gotten everything.”

While it’s unclear what her flood insurance will cover, Timmons knows what matters most can’t be washed away by the flood. 

“I feel blessed to be around my church family and the people who have helped me,” she said. “God’s going to help me with the rest of it. Somehow or another it’s going to work out.”

The county judge says most of the homeowners in Pendleton do not have flood insurance, so he’s working with the state to see if they can get any funding to help with relief.

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