SHERWOOD, Ark. – Hundreds of new jobs are on their way to the city of Sherwood as an international company settles down in the Natural State.

Irish company RelateCare is the newest renter of the Wildwood Center, expanding its office in central Arkansas and creating 255 new jobs over the course of three years.

The health care communications business currently has 100 workers in the Natural State but said this new location will do even more for the region.

Sherwood’s mayor Mary Jo Townsell says it will do a lot for the city, too.

“The infusion of new jobs will bring more money to our local economy, stimulate business growth, and create a positive ripple effect for years to come,” she said. “This speaks to Sherwood’s wonderful demographics, the incredible workforce of central Arkansas, and to Sherwood’s close provincial location to the core of the region.”

To celebrate, river bridges connecting Little Rock and North Little Rock lit up with the colors of the Irish flag Thursday night.