LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Sunday marks one year since 25 people were shot and 3 others injured during a concert at the downtown nightclub Power Ultra Lounge. As victims try to move forward, Little Rock police are continuing their investigation.

“Out of nowhere you heard gunshots,” said Darius Killingsworth, who was shot twice that night. “The second it went off I felt it.”

The 20-year-old will always carry around a part of that night , with a bullet still left in his arm that doctors couldn’t take out.

“They said it would be more damage for them to fish in and get it,” he explained.

Killingsworth says that night was the first and likely the last time he’ll go to a club.

“I don’t like big crowds, when I hear the song playing I get paranoid thinking it’s going to happen all over again,” he said.

As he works to heal, Little Rock police keep working this case. Three men were charged in connection to the shooting and there are warrants for a fourth man.

“We believe that there were probably more individuals involved, there were a lot of shots fired that night, a lot of people there,” said Officer Steve Moore.

That’s why police are still asking for people to come forward with video and photos from inside the club that night.

Since the shooting there have been changes for Little Rock police. A task force was created to crackdown on repeat gun crime offenders. Little Rock officers are also carrying trauma kits, since their quick response and officers applying tourniquets on the scene is credited with ensuring no one died that night.

For Killingsworth there’s no such thing as closure.

“I could have died. It’s really a blessing if you can look back and say you survived something like that.”
He’s now pushing through the pain, to stay focused on his future.

“I’m here for something and I’m going to do something big.”