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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We’ve been following the development of the New Recovery Center that is moving to North Little Rock.

Last night, the first meeting was held in the Oak Grove community so everyone could hear the plan for the building and voice their concerns. Many neighbors said they were concerned for their safety, but the center reassured them the facility will be fully fenced in.

Tonight, we are getting an inside look at what will soon be the Natural State Recovery Center.

There is a lot of renovations that need to be done. The center is moving into the old Oak Grove High School and there is a lot of stuff that was left in the buildings.

“We plan to have a state of the art recovery center,” said Christopher Dickie, the CEO of Natural State Recovery Center.

Dickie shows a small group of people around the campus.

Along for the ride is Jimmy McGill the State Opioid Response Coordinator.

“We’re in a crisis,” said McGill.

McGill has a first-hand experience about how a center like this is life-changing.

“It was a place like Natural State recover that showed me that I could live without a chemical,” said McGill.

McGill has been in recovery for five years, which is why he is so excited to see this center blossom into a place of helping and healing.

“It’s just going to be amazing.”

“We have a pretty large construction project ahead of us.”

This 27-acre property has all the elements of a school, but in a few months, it will look completely different.

“Where our clients will be, is completely enclosed.”

Which is one concern neighbors brought up about patients being able to walk away from the campus. Dickie had said that it will be fully secure.

“Our project is using four buildings that create a courtyard and that will be where the residents is with the admin building,” said Dickie.

One dorm-like building for men, one for women and another for detox with medical staff.

“It’s going to be the everyday tools that you need to leave here with a new mindset and become a productive member of society just like I did,” said McGill.

You can see in the video above there is a lot of stuff leftover from the previous owners, so it’s a big project, and Dickie said they have a budget of $1.3 million for renovations.

The center hopes to be open by the end of June, until then more community meetings will be held so neighbors can have their questions and concerns answered.

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