GRADY, Ark. — Three inmates at the Cummins Unit in Grady injured during a disturbance Thursday night at the prison – One inmate reaching out Thursday night. He alleges conditions at the prison are reaching a breaking point for inmates, and says he fears there may be more disturbances.

“I’m just calling to report on an injustice going on here at the Cummins Unit,” the inmate says.  “It’s being ran, ADC is being ran, like a concentration camp.” Reaction from an inmate currently serving time at the Cummins Unit. This comes in the wake of a Thursday night disturbance, ADC officials say left three inmates injured. We’re not releasing the identity of the inmate who describes conditions in the maximum security prison.

“The officers down here they talk to us any kind of way and when it comes time for us to go to recreation, or anything like that if they short they just take it with a notice that we don’t have enough officers.”

Right now there are 420 security officers in the prison with 67 vacancies in charge of a little more than 1,900 – 69 over capacity. There have been several disturbances at ADC prisons in recent months. At Tucker Max, six inmates took keys – holding three correctional officers hostage in August and reports show two correctional officers were assaulted there back in July.

An ADC spokesperson says an increase in illegal drugs being smuggled in – has caused officers to crack down – even limiting mail coming in. “You just can’t come and take the mail because somebody got some drugs through the mail system.”

ADC officials say they’re aware of recent disturbances, but say “none, officially classify as riots.” “You going to continue to have riots,” says the inmate, “it’s not going to be in just the Cummins Unit, it’s going to be all units across the penitentiary because this is wrong.”

Now, ADC says they are aware of the recent disturbances, and say they are doing everything they can to help reduce the risk of an actual riot happening at any of the prisons.