Improvements coming to East Broadway in North Little Rock

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-City leaders in North Little Rock are working to revitalize a well-known area some people say is forgotten.

Council members passed a study that will find out what East Broadway Street has to offer.

People who work and live along East Broadway say not much has changed in several years, but now the City of North Little Rock is looking to change that and bring life back into the area.

Cars cruise along East Broadway Street in North Little Rock. Shotgun Dan’s Pizza sits along the busy stretch of road.

“Well it’s stayed the same pretty much my entire life so that’s going on twenty years,” Karri Semeoka said.

Karri Semeoka works at the restaurant and she’s talking about boarded-up businesses and empty lots that surround the area.

“I see a rundown town that’s kind of been forgotten I feel like people are like Oh its just North Little Rock nothing really to worry about,” Semeoka said.

But things could soon change.

“We’ve started a study that’s focusing on East Broadway area really to see what we can do to develop that area to bring it back to life. It used to be a bustling area,” Robert Birch said.

Robert Birch is the Director of Workforce Development and Education for North Little Rock.

The old grain silo and cotton gin were a big part of the community.

Fast forward now and a lot has changed.

“We want the public’s input because its there city, their area its what we want to grow,” Birch said.

“I would like it to be more housing, a little bit more shops, kind of upbeat a little bit,” Karri said.

“People are wanting to come here and as more people come here we are needing to expand out,” Birch said.

While many agree the area needs some revitalization, they also think it will help their business.

“Especially if you had more houses because its more traffic, more people come through and there like oh there’s a Shotgun Dan’s let’s find out what they eat,” Karri said.

The study will focus on community engagement meetings and talking to surrounding business owners along Arkansas 161 West to I-30.

The study is run by the Arkansas Economic Development Institute at UALR.

Birch says the goal is to have the study completed at the end of the year.

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