LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – North Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman is still recovering from a major heart attack and hoping to use his experience to help others.

On Tuesday, Norman said doctors confirmed had he suffered a heart attack with 90 to 95% blockage.

He was released from the hospital Wednesday and spoke with KARK 4 News, saying he hopes to raise awareness about heart disease as he shares his own story.

Norman said he was shocked when he got the news, saying that he thought he was pretty healthy though admitting he could improve his diet. Still, he said the news from his doctors that he suffered a major heart attack “still hasn’t sunk in.”

“When the cardiologist walked in and told me, you know, I just paused for a minute. Because, you know, I just lost my daughter for months ago and I’m still processing that,” he said. “And now I have to process those words from the cardiologist that If I would have waited and ignored the pain and the symptoms that I may not be here talking to you today.”

He also thanked everyone for their prayers and encouragement.

“My mom had been telling me, and even Alyssa before she passed away, that it was time to slow down. Obviously, me being the stubborn person I am, I never listened,” Norman said. “But I can tell you now that I will be listening. My family, they count on me, my wife, the community.”

Norman will be getting another stent in the next two weeks and asked everyone to keep him in their prayers.