KINGSLAND, Ark. – A water tower in Kingsland made national news after a Johnny Cash silhouette was shot in the crotch region, starting a steady leak. Residents said they didn’t expect the attention.

“I didn’t think it would go as far as it did where TMZ got a hold of it, no,” said Tony Atkins, who lives next to the tower. “I never thought it.”

City officials said the tower leaked around 30,000 gallons each day. By Thursday afternoon, the hole was patched and painted.

“I’m sure they were glad to get it fixed,” said Martha Atkins, Tony Atkins’ wife.”

Timothy Sled, 38, faces two felony charges related to shooting the tower last week, according to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. 

“I looked up and thought, ‘That guy’s got a good shot, I’ll tell you,'” Tony Atkins said.

Kingsland’s Larch St. was a popular spot for tourists during the leak, Martha Atkins said.

“They’ll stop in the middle of the road, get out of their cars, start snapping shots,” Martha Atkins said.

Residents expect the national interest to fall off now that the leak has been fixed, but they hope it prompts a trickle of visitors to keep coming. “Come on,” said Tony Atkins. “We’d be glad to have you. We love to have people come visit our town.”