PERRYVILLE, Ark. – Hundreds gathered Tuesday for the funeral of fallen officer Jeremiah Story at Perryville First Baptist Church.

Members of the Arkansas National Guard, various police departments across the state, with even Attorney General Leslie Rutledge in attendance.

The service began with a prayer and Jeremiah’s favorite song, The Scarlet Purple Robe. Then close family and friends shared their favorite memories of Jeremiah, some even singing a song instead of giving a speech.

One friend and National Guardsmen, Matthew Cotner, shared stories of him and Jeremiah when in JROTC training.

He said that Jeremiah had injured his feet, and was instructed to stay off of them. Despite those instructions, he said Jeremiah was running around filling up everybody’s water bottles.

He said, “You don’t know how hard it is to reprimand somebody for being a good human, but that was Jeremiah. That’s all he wanted to do was help everybody around him no matter what it meant and no matter if it meant him hurting”.

After the service was over, police, National Guard, and those who served saluted Officer Story as he was taken to where his family and friends will lay him to rest.