LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Huge icicles hanging off and snow on the roof is a common sight after the historic snowfall.

Our Alexis Wainright talked with a civil engineer who says there is no reason to freak out about this.

“This is a rare event, very rare,” said Dr. Hollis “Hank” Bray, Civil Engineer & Chair of UALR Department of Construction Management.

Bray said while Arkansas did see a major snowfall, homeowners shouldn’t be too concerned about the amount of snow on the roof of their home. “If you’ve got a newer home, designed in the last twenty years you’re probably safe against all these snow loads. If you’ve got an older home that’s 30 or 40 years old… your home is probably already been through this.” Bray said.

Ice build around gutters can destroy them, costing you a lot of money in damages.

“If our freezing and re-frizzing occur for another week or so there’s potential for some dangerous things called ice dams,” Bray said.

He said to be cautious about what you leave under your home where those icicles can fall.