HOT SPRINGS, Ark – Customers say it was a breakfast they will never forget after a car rammed through the front entrance of a restaurant in Hot Springs.

The crash happened just after 10 a.m. Sunday morning at The English Muffin Restaurant, leaving at least two injured and several others were shaken.

“Of all the things I could have thought that would happen, this wasn’t one of them,” English Muffin customer Joan Hunter said.

Hunter says she and a friend had just sat down for breakfast Sunday when she heard glass breaking.

“There was this enormous noise and at first I didn’t realize where it was coming from,” said Hunter.

Hunter says she then looked up toward the front of the restaurant and saw a car coming straight toward her.

Hunter’s friend Nikki says her back was facing the entrance and all she could see was a strange look on her friend’s face.

“I started to turn to see and then all of a sudden a car was like right beside me,” said Nikki.

According to Hot Springs Police, the driver was pulling into a parking space outside of the restaurant when they hit the gas instead of the break, sending the car through the front door.

“It was fast but then she kind of stopped fast,” said Hunter.

Restaurant Management says at least two were injured. Others stood around in shock.

“It pushed the tables into us, so you didn’t really have time to move at all, I mean there was the car and then there it was at you,” said Hunter.

Customers say employees sprung into action.

“I think everyone was just trying to make sure that all the people were ok,” said Nikki.

The restaurant reopened Monday morning with wooden boards covering the entrance.

Customers say they are just thankful no one was seriously hurt.

“We are very fortunate,” said Nikki.

According to HSPD, the driver and the two who were injured are expected to be ok.

This is an ongoing investigation.