HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — One local couple went all out with their snow creation by creating an ice sculpture of Queen Elsa from Frozen.

The snow glows white in a cul-de-sac in Hot Springs, then something out of the ordinary catches your eye. Queen Elsa’s “kingdom of isolation” is actually just the yard of Ashley and David Diedrich. “Ashley walked up to me and she said, ‘Hey! Do you want to build a snowman?,’” David said. And that triggered a more creative idea. 

They ditched the carrots to build the queen instead, her red cloak and all. They used water and food coloring in spray bottles to keep her intact. “I went and got a pump sprayer and went from there,” David said. “We just sprayed it and layered it and sprayed it and layered it.” 

And the couple just so happened to have the perfect touch waiting in storage. “And he said, ‘Do you still have that mannequin head? With the long hair? And I thought, ‘Oh my gosh,” Ashley said. 

“I just purchased it cheap on Amazon a long time ago and she’s just been sitting in the garage, waiting on her debut!” Neither husband or wife is an artist or a cosmetologist. “She’s the really talented one,” David said. “I just come up with strange ideas.” And as much as they love Elsa, the Diedrich’s are ready to let it go.

“We’re ready for it go on so we can go back to our normal living,” David said. And it looks like Elsa is ready, too, now that she’s covered in snow. “She let it go,” Ashley said. “She let herself go.” Even the snow queen can’t hold it back anymore. Maybe the cold does bother her, anyway.

The couple has decided from now on, every time they get snow, they’re going to build a different Disney character using the same method.