HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – As Russia’s invasion into Ukraine continues, one Hot Springs business owner still has family in the center of the conflict.

Day after day, images of the war between Russia and Ukraine take over TV and social media. Sergiy Polyakov’s family is in the center of it all.

“War is war. It’s horrible suffering,” Polyakov said. “It’s stressful.”

Polyakov moved to Hot Springs a few years ago, but he still has lots of family back in his home country including his brother and mother-in-law.

“She tries to be strong, she tries to tell ‘yeah yeah everything is okay’ but we can hear some shooting,” Polyakov said. “They just go down directly to basement to take cover and be safe.”

He said it’s hard not to feel helpless hearing those sounds of war in the background of the phone calls.

“It’s horrible to hear this because I cannot help nothing from this place,” Polyakov said.

He is talking with friends in neighboring countries to try and get his family out. As he works out the details, here in Arkansas, people are offering their support any way they can.

“Simple people come and support just with prayers, just to give hugs, shake my hand you know,” Polyakov said.

He said that gives him a sense of peace in a time of uncertainty.

“I cannot explain but it really warms my heart you know,” Polyakov said.

Polyakov said he’s talking with friends in Poland and Belgium to make a plan to get his family out of Ukraine. He hopes to have them here in Arkansas soon.