ARKADELPHIA, Ark. – A southern Arkansas town received a huge economic development announcement occurred Thursday morning as they welcomed a classic American food brand.

Hostess Brands alongside Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and various other government officials held an event today to unveil the new signage on the building. 

Hostess Brands is setting up shop in Arkadelphia and bringing the community more than 100 high-paying job opportunities. 

The company looked at 10 different states, Arkansas being the one to take the cake due to Clark County’s southern hospitality, and talent. 

Hostess’s Sustainability-First Bakery will be in a facility Hostess is renovating with a large budget. This helps them with company costs but also helps our natural state by improving their sustainability footprint. 

We do not have an opening date yet, but you can rest easy knowing your favorite “Twinkie” will be produced here in Arkansas coming in 2023.