LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Deals are out there for people looking to save money on housing in central Arkansas.

Looking through the real estate website Zillow shows a number of central Arkansas homes for way less than $100,000. The one exception would be Conway, which recently outpaced North Little Rock as the second-largest city in the area and had nothing habitable listed below $100,000.

The homes listed had to be liveable, meaning no caved-in roofs, water damage or boarded-up windows. We weren’t looking for a fix-up project or something that needed a lot more money to be liveable.


The lowest prices seen in the Capitol City all started around $50,000.

For $50,000 is 891 square feet on Pine Street in Little Rock, just a few blocks off Asher Avenue. It has central heat and air and a large backyard. Staying in the south part of the city has you in 2,090 square feet with six bedrooms for $50,000. The seller is fairly adamant about no warranty, and the pictures show you’d want to start using a paintbrush pretty quick.

Farther out on West 34th Street puts you in 784 square feet, also for $50,000. This is actually part of a package deal with two other 34th Street properties at $55,000 each. Near UA Little Rock is a 1953 home with 790 square feet listed for $64,900. This is also near the west 34th Street addresses.


The prices north of the river were quite a bit lower, with prices starting in the mid-30s. 

This North Little Rock home has three bedrooms and one bath in its 884 square feet, and the paint on the siding is fading, but it’s listed for $33,500. This also has a, let’s call it “rustic,” shed in the backyard. With the numbers slightly higher, a 912-square-foot three-bedroom is listing for $43,000 in North Little Rock. It appears habitable, but you’ll be eating takeout while working on the kitchen. 

A 1,731 square foot four-bedroom, two-bath home is listed for $60,000. The back porch drops down to what appears to be a large back yard. North Little Rock has a 1,206 two-bed, two-bath for $66,000 after a $9,500 price cut on Aug. 16. It has a driveway and garage and what appears to be a filled-in swimming pool.


Nothing in the City of Colleges started below $100,000.

Conway listings begin at $116,000 for a 1,728-square-foot three-bedroom home built in 1947. Only one picture for this one, so details are scant. Next in line for Conway puts you in 1,426 feet for $127,000 above Cypress Creek north of the city. The home’s on a one-acre lot with lots of trees. Getting into west Conway has a brick two-bedroom 1,048 square-foot home for $149,500.


Pine Bluff has a lot of deals for less than $30,000.

It starts with a 1934-built home with 1,023 square feet for $16,500. It’s on a quarter-acre lot in the city, just a few blocks south of the Convention Center. A 868 square foot home, with pink trim, is listed for $19,000. The interior shots look decent, but the owner will be doing carpentry early-on.

A home built in 1924 is 1,314 square foot with two bedrooms and is listed for $28,000. It’s located in the city’s first ward and has a nice front porch. Finally, the city  has a 914-square-foot home built in 1939 listed for $29,900. It has a garage and a good-sized lawn, that could stand a little trimming judging by the pictures.


Coming in at close to Little Rock prices, Hot Springs had home prices just under $50,000. 

A 1,043-square-foot 1950 home in Hot Springs is listed for $49,000. It has, as the price reflects, some rough spots, but it is habitable and has a front porch. Also in the city is a 648 square foot one-bedroom one-bath house for $49,900. It’s small, granted, but has a full basement. A fenced-in 888-square-foot home on a quarter-acre lot is listed for $50,000. It’s in the downtown on a just-over-quarter-acre lot.

According to Zillow, home prices in Arkanas have climbed 4.2% in the past year, with the average home in the state valued at $199,830. The big takeaway here for bargain hunters is that Zillow shows 47.6% of Arkansas homes sold went for less than their listing price.