VILONIA, Ark. – Two years following the beginning of covid-19, some businesses are just now seeing daylight. 

As high school football kicks off, V-Town Tees, an apparel store in Vilona says foot traffic is finally back to where it was pre-pandemic.

During the Summer, Co-owner Aundrea Ellis says business was super slow, but as they got closer to the first games of the 2022 season, “it’s really taking off for us.”

V-Town nearly customizes every order and Ellis says she worried a bit, but now a lot more people are coming in for shirts to wear to the game.

V-Town’s home team, the Vilonia Eagles traveled to play the Hot Springs Trojans for game one of the season. 

Ellis says last week doesn’t compare to this week as the Eagles will play not only their first home game but against their rivals Greenbrier. 

As business continues, Ellis says they are “still getting used to having the traffic of people.”

That traffic was taken by covid-19 as high school sports were on pause.

Even with them kicking back off for the year 2021, Ellis says things just weren’t the same at the game or at her store. 

 “A lot of people were really hesitant to still go, and if they went, they sat really far apart or weren’t going at all.”

This meant people didn’t need their custom team spirit apperal.

“We were scared there for a minute,” said Ellis. 

Aundrea and her mom Donna went to the drawing board when Covid-19 hit as they “were trying to find ways to work from home and still make money.”

They learned new skills by starting their own website and also began sewing and making their own masks because at the time you couldn’t buy them. 

But now, football season is back to normal, and Ellis says “it’s nice seeing people’s faces again and being able to interact with the community and having everyone come back in.”

We reached out to the apparel store in Greenbrier, “Bleacher Bling,” and the owner tells me business is booming there too.