PLAINVIEW, Ark. – Just 24 hours after a house fire in Plainview, smoke from the burnt rubble continues to fill the air in the city.

“It’s like when you lose someone…all of our pictures are gone. Everything is gone,” said homeowner Burgandy Lackey. 

Her home was home to a family of 11, consisting of her, her husband, children and grandchildren.

8 out of the 11 were inside when the fire started. Thankfully none of them were seriously injured, but their 3 dogs didn’t survive the fire.

“It was very scary. Everything was falling and fire was everywhere,” said Burgandy’s daughter. 

Burgandy and her husband David and son Aiden weren’t home at the time the house caught fire.

Their daughter Ashley was the one to call to tell them the news.

The Plainview Fire Department says they don’t know exactly what caused the fire but started in the attic and is believed to have been an electrical fire caused by the heat temperatures. 

The fire department provides some tips to help keep this tragedy from happening to you.

They say to keep appliances unplugged if you aren’t using them and do daily checks on your electrical outlets and smoke detectors.

This home was a dream home for Burgandy and David Lacky,  following a tornado in 2019 that destroyed their home in Knoxville Arkansas.

David says they spent their life saving to but the house that is not burned. 

A day after the fire, the Lackeys are living in a motel in Dardanelle, thanks to the help from the community that keeps on giving.

If you’d like to help this family, they’re accepting donations via cash app ($Stepchild25). 

You can also donate through GoFundMe.