CABOT, Ark. – The time between the moment when a 911 call is placed until paramedics arrive on the scene is crucial.

School nurses in Central Arkansas are learning ways to act quickly and save lives.

They’re taking part in a nationwide campaign called “Stop the Bleed,” that teaches invaluable techniques.

“We just learned how to pack wounds, which is very important because we’ve always learned to put pressure on, but not necessary to pack,” says Danna Riley, School Nurse at Magness Creek Elementary.

This is Riley’s first time to use some tools not normally found on a school campus.

“Using tourniquets. We’ve always been told not to use tourniquets, and so learning that has just been really neat,” Riley says.

Police, firefighters, military and hospital staff joined MEMS to teach the 3-hour course. Their goal is for more people to save lives while they’re en route.

“Whether it’d be an active shooter event or tornado or an accident in a car. What can they do to save a life before the ambulance arrives,” explains Chuck Mason, MEMS Medical Director.

Schools in Arkansas have some bleeding control kits, but not all. That’s why Stop the Bleed is partnering with various organizations to ensure this station is available in all schools across the state.

“Obtained almost three quarters of a million dollars to buy kits for every school,” Mason adds.

MEMS wants school nurses to share their knowledge with others.

“It’s just like CPR. It’s something that we can learn. It’s something that we can teach to the teachers that would help save somebody’s life,” continues Riley.

And hopefully it will create a domino effect in the community so more learn to Stop the Bleed.

Anyone interested in learning this type of training can call MEMS in Little Rock at (501) 301-1400.