Gun Store Coming Under Fire from Homeowners

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LONOKE COUNTY, Ark — A Lonoke County gun store is coming under fire from a housing subdivision nextdoor for things the owner says he’s not responsible for.

The backwoods of Lonoke County, just off Highway 321, behind Toxic Tactical Outfitters gun store, is a spot owner Randy Yahn said he brings potential gun buyers here to test weapons.

“We had a catch can right here for rounds and it was full of sand and stuff and the flood came through and took it all away,” said Yahn.

Yahn said it is the perfect location.

“There is 89 acres straight back, the housing subdivision is a thousand feet that way and the railroad comes down over here with the water runway,” said Yahn.

But some homeowners, like Daniel Hayes, who lives in the City of Cabot Lakewood Community nextdoor, worry shots are being fired in their direction.

“Well, the safety concern, of course, they worry about stray bullets,” said Hayes.

He said the rapid sound of gunfire coming from the direction of the gun store has been alarming.

“We want something that says this is safe and not just the owner saying take my word for it,” said Hayes.

Hayes said even though the store closes at 5 p.m. most evenings, gunfire can sometimes be heard late into the night.

However, he said that’s quieted down a bit the last few weeks.

“Just worried about how much of it is just to try to appease for a moment and then go back to however it was later on,” said Hayes.

He said people have gone to city and county officials about their issues with the gun store.

“No one is looking to shut the guy down. Not even looking it to move,” said Hayes. “Just looking for what are the standards? What are they suppose to comply with and are they meeting those things?”

The 26 year military veteran said he’s not responsible for the late night gunfire and is open to a sit down with his neighbors.

“No hard feelings,” said Yahn.

The Lonoke County Quorum Court is expected to discuss concerns homeowners have about the gun store May 17th.

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