LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Some parents are worried about a grated sidewalk in downtown Little Rock they believe could be dangerous for little children. It’s along several blocks of Main Street. 

A lot of people don’t really know what they’re for. 

“I don’t really understand why we have them here because we have a sidewalk right next to it,” says Elizabeth Tucker, who works downtown. 

Others think they are downright dangerous, including mother of three, Clarissa Beth. 

“They can get hurt,” says Beth.  “There’s no reason that they should have anything like that.”

Her concern echoed in a Facebook post from a downtown dweller who says:

“Anyone have ideas on how to get the city to fix these toddler traps?  I’ve been reporting them for years but the city seems determined to wait for some kid to suffer a hideous injury before getting off its collective backside.”  

His concern is with the points where the grates extend to join the sidewalk.  He says it was poorly designed with a result where the holes are big enough for children to step into. 

Beth can relate. “It’s hectic trying to balance.” She hopes the city will take another look. 

“I think they should at least try to redesign it,” says Beth. 

The city says the sidewalks were designed as water gardens with the grates over them to provide natural filtration and absorption of rainwater and runoff from the streets and sidewalks.