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Governor Hutchinson addressing questions regarding ‘Shelter in Place’ order

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We have been asked about a Shelter in Place and Governor Asa Hutchinson has been as well and he addressed that concept right off the bat today in his daily update.

Governor Hutchinson saying what Arkansas is doing is working and he says we are still way under projections and that the targeted response of closing things like tattoo studios, hair salons, indoor recreational venues, allowing for as many state employees to work from home as possible are working and even alluded that some of the targeted response is more effective than a shelter in place.

“And so the strategy of a targeted response to this emergency virus situation in Arkansas is proven to be successful in bending the curve, lowering the Apex of the curve, and reducing the number of cases and hospitalizations in Arkansas,” said Hutchinson.

“There’s certain amount of political pressure to do what everyone else is doing, but in no state is everyone staying at home,” said Nate Smith.

The Governor mentioned California where they have a more stringent shelter in place order and said millions still go to work and there is still confusion on what falls into that essential status, he also mentioned that over 100,000 Arkansans could be out of work if he implemented similar orders from other states.

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