LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Gas prices in the Natural State and across the country continue a slow trickle down from the record high averages of one month ago.

According to data from AAA’s Gas Price Monitor, the current average for a gallon of regular gas in Arkansas on Thursday is $4.21, down 2 cents from the previous day. While that is 33 cents below the record high averages of a month ago, it is still $1.36 higher than the average one year ago.

The average cost of a gallon of diesel in Arkansas is currently $5.23, which is down 1 cent from the day before and is 9 cents cheaper than the average last month.

AAA spokesperson said that while drivers are expected to be happy with the decrease in gas prices, that trend should continue into the fall as crude oil prices drop.

“The statewide price average for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel has dropped 33 cents per gallon since the record-high set in June,” Chabarria said. “As long as crude oil prices continue to fall, drivers can expect to pay lower prices at the pump – welcome news for travelers as July is one of the most popular months for road trip vacations in the U.S.”

In central Arkansas, prices are also continuing a downtrend, with the cheapest gas in the area found in Little Rock at an average of $4.13 per gallon. Currently the average in Hot Springs is $4.17 per gallon and in Pine Bluff the average is $4.29.

Currently the county with the cheapest gas in Arkansas is Greene County, where the average price of regular gas is $3.83. The county with the most expensive gas currently is Newton County, where the current average is $4.70.

Across the United States, the current average is $4.61. The cheapest gas can be found in Georgia at an average of $4.12, while the state with the most expensive gas is California at an average of $5.99.

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