Game and Fish receive multiple reports about Sherwood alligator; Neighbors name it ‘Happy’

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SHERWOOD, Ark.– A reptile in Sherwood is causing quite the buzz around town.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission say they have received quite a few reports about an alligator and people who are trying to feed it. Many have posted the alligator citing on social media as well. 

We talked to those in the area who say the reptile usually swims in the swamp off Highway 67/167 near Landers Road. 

“It’s not like ‘oh we have an alligator– we have an alligator. Keep your dogs on a leash for sure,” said Jared Ahillen. 

Ahillen is a salesman at Gander RV in Sherwood. He says he’s seen the alligator almost every day during the month of October. 

“It’s kind of a cool attraction for sure,” said Ahillen, as he showed up pictures of the reptile. “I’ve had people ask me about it like do we really have gators out here and I’m like here’s evidence.” 

Gander RV backs up to the swamp right off the highway where the alligator has been spotted. 

“I thought they were kidding me cause I’m the old guy here– low and behold it’s for real,” exclaimed Jack Hendrix, who also works at Gander RV. 

Hendrix says the gator is between 10 and 12 feet and lately has been the talk of the town. 

“The gator is probably the king of the swamp alright– nobody messes with it– we don’t know if it’s republican or democrat,” laughed Hendrix. 

The crew at the RV shop have dubbed the reptile the ‘Gander Gator.’ Some have also named it ‘Happy.’

Let him be– let him enjoy his life– he’s been there long enough. Until he hurts something then don’t touch him,” said Ahillen. 

Arkansas Game and Fish say they usually get reports about the same alligator in Sherwood this time of year.

A spokesperson says they believe it is harmless. However; they warn people not to feed the alligator because if it gets too comfortable with humans, then it could become dangerous. 

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