BENTON, Ark. – On September 28, the White House held a conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health. Central Arkansas teen, Bella Crowe, was invited to the conference to give a youth perspective.

Bella Crowe is a 15-year-old student at Benton High School.

Aside from her advanced placement classes, Crowe spends a lot of time advocating for her social impact initiative – “Voices for Choices – Advocating for Teen Health”.

Through this, she became an advocate for the American Heart Association. This association is who nominated Crowe to attend the conference. Crowe attended the conference as an advocate and a representative for the state of Arkansas.

Crowe was able to listen to President Biden speak about what the US Government plans to do to help with hunger and nutrition in America.

She then had the opportunity to speak with various government officials about the things she sees every day in school, and out in the community while volunteering and what she does in Arkansas – in hopes they will take it back to their state.

Crowe became involved through the Miss America Organization, using the urgent issues as her social impact initiative.

She took this impact statement to Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen Pageant in June where she placed in the top fifteen.

Crowe gave up her title of Miss Metro’s Outstanding Teen on September 17 – but won the title of Miss Greater Little Rock’s Outstanding Teen the same night. She is taking this issue back to vie for the title of Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen.

She tells us she is taking a lot out of her trip to D.C. and ask everyone to get involved and help her with urging congress to pass the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill – a bill that hasn’t been reauthorized since 2010.

“Go out there, be confident in what you believe in, if you believe your moral compass is taking you in the right direction, it is,” said Crowe. “So, have confidence in yourself, young people are powerful, were the leaders of today, leaders of yesterday, and the leaders of tomorrow.”