CONWAY, Ark. – Conway Police said two people died and another one was critically injured in a triple shooting Friday night.

The suspect, Prince Micheal Ajetunmobi, shot himself during a chase Friday night and later died at the hospital.

A friend of the woman shot and killed, Paula Prock, is speaking out about what it is like to lose someone she was close to.

“You felt like you were sitting there in a nightmare whether you knew them or not,” Prock said.

Paula Prock was out enjoying her Friday night.

“Trying to actually tell yourself this was really happening while we were in Cabot trying to enjoy a football game was beyond anything imaginable,” Prock said.

When she received the news, “I felt like somebody has punched me in the stomach at that point. I couldn’t even think straight,” Prock said.

That her friend of nine years, Kori Bartholomew, had been shot and killed.

“It was a shock, just absolute shock,” Prock stated.

Prock had just talked to Bartholomew Thursday night.

Prock’s last message from her, “she made the comment about how Addie always loved her first grade teacher Mrs. Prock, and I’ve probably read that 100 times since Thursday night,” stated Prock.

Bartholomew worked as the Conway High School secretary.

“The biggest thing about Kori was that she literally was genuinely beautiful. She is seriously that representative inside and out. You couldn’t explain it better… to know her was to absolutely love her,” Prock said.

Paula Prock said there is now a huge hole in the office.

“I’m taking lunch over there on Wednesday and I am dreading it because it is just so, what do you say, you know honestly, what do you say,” said Prock.

Bartholomew was also a mother, and now Prock is thinking about her children who are also suffering a loss.

“These two girls that have literally gotten their mom taken from them for senseless acts of ridiculousness,” stated Prock. Bartholomew leaves behind her husband and five children, in all.

Paula Prock said nothing will be able to bring her friend back, but she is thankful to live in a community that has come together to support Kori’s family.

Prock said the legacy Kori will leave behind is being someone beautiful and a person whose smile lights up the room.