Fraternal Order of Police calling on LR Mayor to investigate LR Chief of Police

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Officers with the Fraternal Order of Police are calling on the Mayor of Little Rock to investigate potential wrongdoing by Police Chief Keith Humphrey.

This comes as two separate lawsuits by five current officers have been filed against the chief in the past two weeks.

In the most recent lawsuit Assistant Police Chief Alice Fulk and Lieutenant Christina Plummer claim Humphrey has retailed against them.

Humphrey was sworn in last April, but according to the lawsuit he started abusing his power as Chief just days after taking the department oath, pledging his honor and integrity to the city.

“The Chief unfortunately has treated people differently,” said Attorney Chris Burks, who’s representing Fulk and Plummer.

Fulk was a candidate for the Chief’s job, but Burks said that’s not the issue here.

“The leadership of the department is broken at this point and the city should be concerned about it,” said Burks.

According to the lawsuit, when Humphrey had been on the job for less than a week, he rushed to close the Internal Affairs investigation into Officer Charles Starks’ shooting of Bradley Blackshire.

Fulk later testified about that in court, which eventually lead a Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge to rule Starks should not have been fired and should be reinstated as an officer.

“The Police Chief then gave her a negative performance review, all these ticky tacky things, as a female, all these things about her appearance different things like that, that you would never do,” said Burks.

The suit claims that escalated to Humphrey “regularly attacking Fulk” and then targeting Plummer for supporting her.

“It’s a textbook, classic retaliation,” Burks added. “It’s sad, it’s unfortunate. It was tried to be worked out in private, but the Chief has not worked things out in private.”

Humphrey and the Police Department are aware of the allegations.

“We don’t make any comments on pending litigation so that’s something that will be worked out through the courts,” said Lt. Michael Ford from the Little Rock Police Department.

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), wants more immediate action asking Mayor Frank Scott Jr. to investigate whether the Chief broke any city or department policies.

In a press release the FOP wrote, “the Chief of Police should be held to the same, if not higher standard for his behavior in the daily course of his duties.”

A spokesperson for the city says the Mayor has, “confidence in his police Chief.”

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