LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The pain at the pump continues and food truckers are feeling every increase. 

Friday, gas prices reached new record highs both nationally and here in the natural state.

According to AAA, the national average for gas comes in at $4.76. 

Arkansas is the third-cheapest state to fill up, with the average price of a gallon sitting at $4.28. 

Since 2020, Bowmcks Rolling Cuisine has been cooking favorites around Central Arkansas. 

Owner, Jennifer McKinzie says the uptick in gas prices has been a challenge for her business. 

She spent $123 to fill up the tank, versus her paying around $70 last year to fill up.  

Today, the gas price average for Arkansas increased by 5-cents going from $4.23 to $4.28. 

To help with the cost of the soaring gas prices, McKinzie has had to cut down on traveling. 

She says she now “sits out at places that are like five minutes up the road” more often. 

As the price of the gas ticks higher, so does McKinzie’s workload. 

“If you’re not running daily then you are losing money too because everything is still going to keep going up.”

McKinzie was forced to raise the prices of some of the items on her menu and eliminate some of the food choices. 

And not only does Mckinzie have to fill up her food truck, but her day-to-day vehicle as well. 

“Now the cars are getting to be half the cost of a food truck,” McKinzie says she pays about $60 to fill up her car. 

Mckinzie says she is lucky her food truck doesn’t take diesel gas which also saw an increase overnight in Arkansas by one cent to $5.19.