CONWAY, Ark. – The Conway Fire Department has cut down on training due to high diesel gas prices. The Chief of the Conway Fire Department, Mike Winters, said that they have already used over half of their fuel budget for the year, meaning they had to cut out training to compromise.

“As of right now we do a lot of in-house training because you know it’s hot and fuel and so forth,” said Conway Fire Department Captain Bryan Cannon.

The department has cut down its training drastically since tracking the price of gas since March. “It’s every week. You know as prices continue to rise, we’re continuing to cut, cut, cut,” said Winters. Winters also said that to fill up one of their engine trucks, it costs over $1,000.

The training goes from multiple times a week, to monthly. “Our company training is now once a month. Might be able to squeeze in a second training in a month, but yeah that’s just once a month now. That’s compared to numerous times a week in individual training,” said Winters.

Making the firefighters stay confined to the station, even cutting out their gym time. “They will run around the station to get their jog in or their exercise in. They’ve got some weights out in the bay that they are able to utilize,” said Winters.

Winters said they want the public to know that no matter the economic state, they will never compromise their life-saving efforts.