PINE BLUFF, Ark. – Fire crews are still on the scene monitoring fires that broke out in Pine Bluff Monday night.

According to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, crews were fighting two separate fires that split from an original blaze. Fire officials said that the fire started near Highway 54 and Highway 67.

Officials with the Arkansas Forestry Division said Tuesday morning that a fire line has been pushed and plowed around the fire on Highway 54. They also noted that the fire is contained at this time.

Though the fire is contained, officials said that firefighters will stay with the fire for about 24 hours until the embers are no longer a threat to be blown outside the fire line. State officials added that crews from other parts of the state are being called into Jefferson County to relieve workers who have been on the scene.

Officials said that the fire is estimated to be about 500 acres. A more accurate number will be given later, officials said.

Deputies with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that no homes or other structures were lost in the fire.

Multiple crews are also on the scene of another fire off of Old Warren Road. Arkansas Forestry Division officials with the Arkansas Division of Agriculture said that the current acreage is estimated at more than 10 acres.